Atlanta RepoStoppers Attorneys Help You Avoid Repossession

Keeping your car through Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy

If you are behind on payments and want to keep your car, it is important that you act fast. Call the RepoStoppers attorneys at DebtStoppers now for immediate help ending the collections and repossession processes. We may be able to lower your payments and reduce interest on your car or truck after we stop repossession.

At DebtStoppers, our attorneys work hard to stop car and truck repossessions. No one should be forced to walk miles to work just because they fell behind on a few payments. Our Atlanta law firm has the experience necessary to make a real difference in our clients’ lives. We offer our clients a variety of legal options, all of which stop repossession and collections immediately. Our attorneys help people keep their cars.

Using Chapter 13 bankruptcy to prevent repossession

When RepoStoppers files your Chapter 13 bankruptcy, the repo process stops. You and your Atlanta bankruptcy attorney will work together to create a plan of manageable payments. Your interest rates will go down, your monthly costs will be reduced, and after 3-5 years of making payments, your unsecured debts will be eliminated. Most importantly, many clients are able to keep their car.

In order to be eligible for Chapter 13 bankruptcy in Georgia, you will need to prove that you have a steady income and that you will be able to make monthly payments for the duration of the process. Because you are paying back part of your debts under this arrangement, the law is much more lenient than other processes and allows most people to retain possession of their vehicle.

Stopping repossession with Chapter 7 bankruptcy

Chapter 7 bankruptcy is an option for clients with a lower income. In many cases, clients who file under Chapter 7 are allowed to keep their car. While you may have to forfeit other property, you will not be left walking around Atlanta with no transportation. The repossession process stops as soon as you file. Our attorneys are committed to helping clients keep their cars.

This process is only available to clients who are below a certain income threshold. Luckily, Georgia offers generous exemptions which allow many people to keep both their home and their car. A RepoStoppers attorney will help you understand whether this option can work for you at your free consultation.

Call RepoStoppers to end the repossession process

If you are in danger of having your car or truck repossessed in Atlanta or the surrounding areas, you need IMMEDIATE legal assistance. The attorneys at RepoStoppers will help you decide on a bankruptcy option to save your car and instantly end all attempts at repossession.

Arrange a free debt evaluation with one of our experienced attorneys by calling us at 678-673-2155 or contacting us online.